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Date posted 17th November 2017


Are you still paying sky-high prices for traditional strains and popular brands of ale yeast, which can often demand in excess of £40 per 500g?

Why not give our high-quality, low-cost AY4 and AY5 Fermoyeast a try? It’s just £26 for 500g, and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

We asked a couple of our regular customers what they thought of AY4 and AY5.

Les at Liverpool’s Neptune Brewery gave AY4 and AY5 the thumbs-up for use in stouts and IPAs. “I did like-for-like trials with my existing yeast and found there was no difference, AY4 and AY5 ferments the same amount of time and has the same characteristics in taste and aromas.”

And Lee at Brew York Brewery already uses AY4 and AY5 on his full range of beers. “I’ve found no difference in the AY4 AY5 to the yeast that I was using before. They pitch at the same temperatures and the esters are the same.”

If you’d like to put it to the test, just ask for a free sample next time you’re putting in an order.

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Date posted 17th November 2017


In the pre-Christmas period, many breweries are approaching full capacity as demand for great beer increases across the board.

Vitamin Yeast Aid is another innovative brewing aid from NicheSolutions, enabling to increase your production capacity without adding expensive brewing kit only needed for short-term peaks.

Using this natural, highly efficient combination of vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to cut your brew times by at least 20 per cent – so a four-day brew should be reduced to a three-day brew, saving you time and money.

Our feedback from Shane at Cheshire Brew House microbrewery in Congleton was even better than expected. “It’s really good stuff and works well,” he reported back. “I skim it in with my yeast and it not only starts fermenting quicker, but cuts fermentation down from four or five days to 36 hours!”

Check out Vitamin Yeast Aid in the Yeasts section of the NicheSolutions store.

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Date posted 14th November 2017


If you’re a regular brewer of stout, you’ll know that lactose (fg) is an expensive ingredient, with prices usually up above £200 per 25 kilo.

Lactose is also used in other beers such as sour beers and IPAs – it gives more body and a fuller mouth feel.

For a limited period, NicheSolutions are now offering lactose at a special price of just £80.00 per 25 kilo.

We asked Pete at Brick Brewery what wonders they’re brewing up down in Peckham Rye, using our cut-price, top-quality lactose…

“We’ve got two brews containing the lactose powder at present,” he reported back. “And they’re shaping up nicely!”

Now’s the time to add a stout or IPA to your brewery or microbrewery’s range of beers, making great savings. Be like Pete. Make stout while the sun shines!

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Date posted 25th October 2017


If you’re thinking of adding a gluten-free brew to your range, there’s now an added bonus to using SE Brew Clear from NicheSolutions.

Not only can you open up one or all of your brews to the fast-expanding gluten-free market, making it possible for everyone to enjoy your beers.

We’ll also arrange for a sample of your brew to be officially tested by Synlab, so you will receive a certificate of international UKAS accreditation. This way, you can legally and confidently state on your bottles that the beer has passed the gluten-free test and is suitable for consumption by coeliacs and others with a gluten intolerance.

The really good bit is that we’ll provide your first test for free. A 330ml bottle is all that’s required. We’ll do the rest.

Just ask about this special service, which isn’t provided by any other brewing supplies company, when you order SE Brew Clear.

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Date posted 19th October 2017


Over the past decade, the proliferation of hundreds of new breweries crafting new and exciting beers has been great news for vegetarians and vegans. The use of fish-based products in traditional finings previously compromised many drinkers, and prevented some from enjoying a perfect pint.

The solution is simple. Why not use NicheSolutions’ Brausol P Special as an alternative to traditional finings, and add a vegan beer to your range?

The Wimbledon Brewery are users of Brausol P in the production of vegan beers and keg beers. Brewer Charlie Long said: “We are really happy with Brausol P Special. It is being used for our vegan beers and keg beers.”

Based in Ashford, Kent, G2 Brewing have gone one step further, and now use Brausol P Special on every brew, producing a whole range of beers which everyone can enjoy.

Head brewer Ollie said: ”We use Brausol P Special in every brew and get really good results.” They worked on the dosing rates together with Volker Muller, Master Brewer at Erbsloh, which was a great help. “Now we have great clarity and a really good taste.”

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Date posted 18th October 2017


There’s a steadily growing market for gluten-free beer, which allows everyone with an allergy or intolerance to wheat products to enjoy a perfect pint of craft ale.

Many breweries are adding gluten-free options to their range – not just to satisfy the demands of this small group of beer lovers, but also because it’s easy to remove gluten while you’re clarifying your brew.

SE Brew Clear from NicheSolutions is so effective at clarifying beer without affecting its flavour or aroma, it can simply be the most efficient and cost-effective product to use – offering greatly reduced gluten content as an added extra benefit.

“All our beers are brewed using SE Brew Clear,” says Roland, owner of the Essex-based Brentwood Brewery, “which not only makes them gluten-free but helps on clarification, making them very clear.”

The brewery’s new labels are already in production, drawing attention to this strong extra selling point in the gluten-free market.

Click here to read about the Hart Family Brewers in Northamptonshire going gluten-free.

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Date posted 18th October 2017


Here it is at last, for all our larger customers who have asked about the possibility of speeding up production when they’re filling KeyKegs!

It might not quite fall into the category of Rocket Science, but NicheSolutions’ brand new double-header KeyKeg filler will enable you to complete the task exactly twice as quickly!

This fine example was pictured being put through its paces before its installation at Staffordshire Brewery in Leek – not just a brewery, but also bottling and brewing experts, used by lots of smaller breweries/microbreweries.

Thanks to everyone at Staffordshire Brewery for showing the way forward.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to speed up your own brewery’s KeyKeg-filling capacity!

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Date posted 12th October 2017


Did you know NicheSolutions are now offering free branding on KeyKegs to all our customers who buy three pallets or more?

We’ve supplied 130,000 KeyKegs in the past year alone. They’re one of our best-selling products – saving you time and effort and money, as ever, in our quest to help you turn water into great beer.

Here’s four smart new KeyKegs waiting to go out to new customers, complete with branding on the front labels and snap-cap labels. Welcome aboard, Torrside Brewing in the Peak District, Arundel Brewery in West Sussex, First Chop, handcrafted in Manchester, and Framework Brewery in Leicester!

If you’d like your KeyKegs supplied with your brewery’s logo, they’re printed in one or two colours, finished with gloss laminate and freezer adhesive. And all at no extra cost.

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Date posted 28th September 2017


Situated on Bermondsey’s Beer Mile, UBREW is a brewery with a difference – they let you brew the beer. If you’re within staggering distance of London, their memberships are a brilliant deal. The idea is, you go along with your mates to the open brewery and brew up your perfect keg of beer, with the help of the expert brewers on site.

For every brew, you and your friends take your pick of ingredients from the brew shop, get all creative and steamy and walk away with 80 bottles of professional quality craft beer. Click here to find out about memberships, team awaydays, sampling other people’s ales, UBREW’s own craft beers and the fantastic brewery taproom.

UBREW get all their KeyKegs from NicheSolutions, and you can too. If you take to brewing like a duck to craft ale, we can fit you up with all the essentials you need to start your own very own microbrewery: hygiene products, yeast, KeyKeg filling machines, processing and clarification aids. There are currently 1800 breweries in the UK, and we supply 940 of them.

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Date posted 28th September 2017


This week there was great news for the Hart Family Brewers in Northamptonshire, when we received notification that their Gyle beer had passed the gluten-free test at below 10ppm.

When head brewer Rob heard the results he said it was “fantastic news” – his wife Sarah has a gluten intolerance, and can now enjoy the beer too!

The Wellingborough brewery is now planning to go ahead and make all their beers gluten-free, once again using SE Brew Clear from NicheSolutions.

If you’re thinking of producing beer for the fast-expanding gluten-free market, why not give it a go? Click here to discover how this best-selling processing aid can help you to hydrolyse your haze-forming polypeptides, and much more besides!

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