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Date posted 23rd August 2019


On last week’s trip to the Netherlands, we visited Bioseutica – a Dutch company who have expanded internationally – and gained exclusive rights on an exciting new product for the UK market – coming soon from NicheSolutions.

Entirely natural, LYSOBIER® is best used as a prevention rather than a cure for some all-too-common problems in the brewery: LAB spoilage and beer haze. It also works to protect your beer yeast, improves foam quality and extends shelf life into the bargain.

Why not safeguard your brewery against the loss of whole brews due to invisible spoilage bacteria that arrive with ingredients? Avoid the risk of yeast contamination and improve the stability of your beers. By prolonging the shelf life of bottled beer, you can expand its commercial opportunities.

LYSOBIER® – features and benefits at a glance…

— Protects against lactic acid bacteria (LAB) spoilage incidents
LYSOBIER® kills LAB which come in with the natural raw materials, and which can spoil beer if left unchecked
— Decontaminates the brewing yeast
LYSOBIER® allows the natural (acid-free) washing of the yeast. During washing it protects the organoleptic quality of yeast
— Stabilises beer foam and enhances taste and aroma
LYSOBIER® improves taste and aroma and stabilizes the beer foam
— Prevents beer haze, ropiness and off-flavour in craft beers
LYSOBIER® is the best prevention against ropiness, beer haze and off-flavour incidents
— Extends the shelf life of bottled craft beers
LYSOBIER® helps to extend your beers’ shelf life by prolonging the stability of unpasteurised, IPA and special craft beers
Please note, this product is not vegan and does not work on wild yeast spores.

Ask about LYSOBIER® when you’re placing you rnext order, or give us a call any time. More details can be found at lysobier.com.

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Date posted 15th August 2019


If you’re thinking of purchasing a keg-filling frame from NicheSolutions, why not ask first for a demonstration? We’ll be happy to show you how it works, and how it can transform your keg-filling process.

Today we had a great day over in Amsterdam with our sister company, Brewers’ Ocean, demonstrating a double-head stand to Brouwerij t’IJ, which is based in a windmill on a canal. Very cool!

Here’s Sander showing Paul (head brewer) and Jasper (technical/production chief) how the stand works – many times faster and easier than their previous method.

We set up the filling stand to fill key kegs in a small production run and managed to fill 2 x 30 litres Keykegs every 3 minutes.

Paul commented: “I am very impressed with the the frame and the speed of the filling.” And Jasper said the frame would be a great addition for filling Keykegs which they use for mainly export.

They have decided to keep the trial frame for a further week to put it through its paces.

Just get in touch if you’d like a keg-filler demonstration at your brewery!

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Date posted 8th August 2019


Does your brewery ever suffer problems with the regular task of filling kegs? Problems such as underfilling kegs? Oxygen intake? Slow procedures?

Do you try to balance your filling kegs on any combination of chairs, tables, other empty kegs, or whatever else happens to be handy?

Have you ever thought about using our keg-filling stand, custom-made for the task? A solution that’s easy and fast.

The patented NicheSolutions Keg Filling Stand is a robust construction of entirely stainless steel AISI 304 and all pipe-work is food grade. All couplers are genuine parts. An additional wash station is available on request.

NicheSolutions Keg Filling Stand – Key Benefits:
— Faster filling rate
— Less waste
— Safer working practice
— Helps prevent oxygen contamination

The frame is engineered so that the filling process can be completed specifically in accordance with the keg manufacturer guidelines.

The coupler plates are quickly interchangeable from Key Keg to Sankey S in one easy operation. A complementary electric pump makes life even easier if you don’t have at least 2bar head pressure in your tank.

Interested in making your keg-filling process fast and your life easy? Take a look at our demo – just click below.



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Date posted 5th August 2019


Tomorrow, Tuesday 6 August, should be a great day out at Olympia in London for CAMRA’s Great British Beer Festival. It’s the opening day of the event which runs until Saturday 10th.

We’ll be in attendance at the KeyKeg stall from around 12.30 onwards, helping to publicise our shared eco-friendly role in making KeyKegs circular.

MD Paul will be there, and he’s looking forward to meeting customers old and new – spreading the word about our eco-friendly products and services, and our whole range of premium brewing essentials at unbeatable prices.

There’s a fantastic bevy of brewers at the event, all with pop-up bars offering the chance – for festivalgoers who aren’t hard at work! – to enjoy a taste of some of the best British brews.

In The Discovery Zone you can interact with high-quality brewing ingredients and meet the brewers who will be on hand to guide you through relaxed, engaging and informative tastings exploring a range of topics such as dispense, diversity in brewing or simply showcasing treasured beers in new formats. There’s also musical entertainment, food, book signings – and much, much more.

Below: Live from the Apollo Bar at the #GBBF!

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Date posted 31st July 2019


As part of NicheSolutions’ ongoing safety drive, working with breweries to improve awareness and conditions for those handling chemicals, we are now offering special pairs of ‘long john’ gauntlets.

The age of brewers wearing Marigold gloves is fast coming to an end.

Our purpose-designed full-length gauntlets are safe to use with caustic and peracetic acid. Made of thick latex with Velcro straps, they are puncture and tear resistant, but still offer the wearer excellent touch sensitivity.

They perfectly complement our safety goggles and whole range of colour-coded safety products recommended for use with hazardous substances.

Currently available only in limited numbers, please ask about ‘long john’ safety gauntlets when you’re placing your next order.

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Date posted 24th July 2019


More and more breweries are adding gluten-free options to their range so that everyone can enjoy their great beers, including coeliacs and anyone who suffers from a gluten allergy.

In turn, demand for Protease Powder – our recommended gluten reduction agent and clarification aid – has been rapidly increasing.

Now we’re taking the next step to become your gluten-free one-stop shop, offering gluten testing with a fast five-day turnaround – at great prices. 

We’re working together with UCAS-accredited SynLab, the ultimate specialists who solely test gluten in the food and beverage industry.

As we’re able to send large batches for testing, we can pass on the savings to customers and so ensuring the best prices.

Gluten Testing     Total Price            Price per sample      
1 Sample               £78.00                   £78.00
2 Samples             £152.00                 £76.00
3 Samples             £148.50                 £49.50
4 Samples             £198.00                 £49.50
5 Samples             £247.50                 £49.50
6 Samples             £291.00                 £48.50
7 Samples             £339.50                 £48.50
8 Samples             £388.00                 £48.50
9 Samples             £436.50                 £48.50
10 Samples           £470.00                 £47.00

To call a product gluten free in the UK it must be below 20 ppm (parts per million). SynLab will test down below 10ppm, and you’ll get a certificate from them to confirm that your brew has passed.

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Date posted 23rd July 2019


Great news for all breweries. We’re pleased to announce experienced microbiologist Paul Browning joins Niche as a consultant from 1 August, yet further expanding the company’s offering and the breadth of expertise on hand to help with any enquiry.

Having worked previously with many breweries, Paul will offer expert technical support to all customers.

Now is the time to optimise your cleaning routines and chemical strengths to ensure the best possible plant hygiene and cleaning costs.

Paul has already worked with us to provide popular and successful training programmes for the brewing industry:

— Working Safely with Chemicals
— The Fundamentals of Brewery Hygiene and CIP
— Microbiological Auditing of Plant with Biofinder
— Bespoke Programmes

We can help you to clean efficiently and to hit higher standards, to check spray heads and for biofilm, to rethink rinse times and legacy practices. Best of all, we can arrange for Paul to make a site visit and complete a cleaning and hygiene survey of any brewery/distillery, or even run a staff chemicals training day. This can help towards your official SALSA accreditation – and the full value of our after-sales service.

Just get in touch with any queries regarding brewery cleaning or hygiene, and Paul will be happy to provide you with answers.

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Date posted 11th July 2019


Craft Beer Rising presents Brew Summertime was this year’s biggest outdoor craft beer and street food festival in the UK.

It took place on Wednesday and Thursday this week, bringing the independent craft beer revolution to Hyde Park with the finest ingredients, eco-values, traceability and organic credentials.

Of course, we were there to make sure everyone knows about our vital role in making all KeyKegs circular – special thanks to Ben from Redchurch Brewery, above! – and also to meet customers new and old, spreading the word about our eco-friendly, premium-quality, cost-cutting products.

West Berkshire BreweryMondo Brewing CompanyBrick BreweryBrixton BreweryBrewboard… that’s just a few of the top breweries in attendance, who we’re proud to say we’ve helped turn water into great beer!

With a fantastic choice of ales and cider, music and food and brewing industry talks to enjoy, Brew Summertime was a really valuable couple of days – and great fun, too!

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Date posted 10th July 2019


Out of our whole range of premium trademarked yeasts, Fermoyeast AY5 is proving one of the most popular with brewers.

This week a tonne arrived in our warehouse – only for almost half a tonne to immediately go out to brewers waiting up and down the country.

It isn’t just the UK that’s mad for our premium, low-cost yeast. 100Kg went straight out to Ireland, where it’s doing brisk business through our distributor WHCLab in Dublin. Click here to check out their new website!

Brewers’ feedback has been hugely positive: “I’ll reorder more next week so I can try to always have some here on the shelf so I don’t get caught short,” said Duncan at Hurst Brewery in West Sussex. “If it wasn’t so good it wouldn’t be so popular, so hats off for a great product! 

And let’s take a look at some of the most recent feedback on AY5 on the UK Beer & Brewing Professionals FB page forum:

— “Lag on starting but well pleased with the overall result. Changed a couple of our regular brews to this from Nottingham and they are much better beers.”

— “It takes dry hop flavour really well compared to us-05!”

— “Find it takes a few hours longer to get going than 05 but no issues with that. Agree it has a slightly sweeter flavour too. Brilliant value for money.”

— “Little slower than us05. Excellent floccing though and slightly sweeter flavour, prefer it.”

— “At half the price, it’s a winner.”

Get in quick while we’ve got good stocks! Or, if you’ve not tried any of our premium yeasts – Fermo Lager, AY4, AY5 and Trent Fermo Ale – just ask for a sample with your next order!

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Date posted 25th June 2019


Thanks again to Brixton Brewery for welcoming us last week for a chemical training session. Here’s hoping it was an enjoyable as well as a useful and informative day spent with Paul, Sam and Joe. We certainly enjoyed our visit to the wonderful new facility.

Our chemical training is recommended to all breweries, getting staff up to speed with health and safety in chemical handling and COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health).

It also makes sense to ensure everyone knows how to best use all of our cleaning products – which we’ve been supplying to Brixton since 2016.

Since then, Heineken have taken up a 49% share in Brixton Brewery, helping to expand the craft brand’s facility along with its market presence. At the terrific new site, production is almost quadrupled to 60,000 pints a week of the popular Low Voltage Session IPA, Atlantic APA, Effra Ale and Electric IPA.

As well as giving training to eight people, including management, we also took a look around the state-of-art brewery and made advisories to increase safety.

It’s a great idea to ensure all staff know how to use everyday cleaning solutions such as:
— Hypoquest for cleaning
— Percid 5 for sanitising
— Nitacid for beerstone removal
Not only does our training keep everybody safe, knowing how to use these potentially hazardous substances – but it can also help you save money, knowing exactly how much to use!

It isn’t hazardous – far from it! – but one product proving popular with Brixton Brewery is BrauSol, which ensures all of their beer clarification is vegan. Ask us about BrauSol if you’d like to add a vegan-friendly beer to your range – we’re here to help!

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