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Date posted 12th January 2018

Use the right cleaning and hygiene products in the right quantities, and your brewery can save surprising amounts of time, effort and money.

Every brewer will probably know when and where to use products such as Causgleam Plus (caustic, for brewhouse cleaning in place), Hypoquest (chlorine and caustic based, for fermenting vessels and conditioning tanks) and Percid 5 (peracetic acid-based rinse). But do you know…

— How much to dilute Percid 5 (5% peracetic acid) to attain the recommended strength of 0.5% v/v? You’re aiming for 250ppm paa, and using any more can be wasteful.
— How to remove beerstone quickly and effectively with Phosgel?
— How much 0.5% Perostat to add to Causgleam to remove stubborn soils such as tannin?

We’re always here to help with any product queries. We can help you to clean efficiently and to hit higher standards, to check spray heads and for biofilm, to rethink rinse times and legacy practices. Best of all, we can arrange for our micriobiologist Paul Browning to make a site visit and even run a staff chemicals training day. This can help towards your official SALSA accreditation – and the full value of our after-sales service.

“The NicheSolutions trainer was very capable in this field, and we all got a lot out of it,” commented Lee, the head brewer at Brew York. “Overall, a brilliant service.”