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Date posted 25th June 2019

Thanks again to Brixton Brewery for welcoming us last week for a chemical training session. Here’s hoping it was an enjoyable as well as a useful and informative day spent with Paul, Sam and Joe. We certainly enjoyed our visit to the wonderful new facility.

Our chemical training is recommended to all breweries, getting staff up to speed with health and safety in chemical handling and COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health).

It also makes sense to ensure everyone knows how to best use all of our cleaning products – which we’ve been supplying to Brixton since 2016.

Since then, Heineken have taken up a 49% share in Brixton Brewery, helping to expand the craft brand’s facility along with its market presence. At the terrific new site, production is almost quadrupled to 60,000 pints a week of the popular Low Voltage Session IPA, Atlantic APA, Effra Ale and Electric IPA.

As well as giving training to eight people, including management, we also took a look around the state-of-art brewery and made advisories to increase safety.

It’s a great idea to ensure all staff know how to use everyday cleaning solutions such as:
— Hypoquest for cleaning
— Percid 5 for sanitising
— Nitacid for beerstone removal
Not only does our training keep everybody safe, knowing how to use these potentially hazardous substances – but it can also help you save money, knowing exactly how much to use!

It isn’t hazardous – far from it! – but one product proving popular with Brixton Brewery is BrauSol, which ensures all of their beer clarification is vegan. Ask us about BrauSol if you’d like to add a vegan-friendly beer to your range – we’re here to help!