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Date posted 14th September 2017

All over the UK, we’ve been spreading the word about NicheSolutions’ exclusive HopFlower beerzyme – giving out free samples to breweries and microbreweries. The feedback has been fantastic.

Hops are expensive, and the brewing process can be wasteful of their precious aroma. HopFlower is a natural enzyme which helps to break down your hops and release more flavour and aroma – so you have to use less, saving you money.

Thanks to Steve at North Yorkshire’s own Crooked Brewing Ltd, for his big thumbs-up! “Just some feedback on the hop flower sample you gave us,” Steve said. “We’ve trialled it in a small-scale and a large-scale brew – works really well. Really adds something to our beers and so will definitely be ordering some soon.”

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to try a free HopFlower sample!