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Date posted 23rd January 2018

Dependent on your specific choice of hops, an incredible array of different flavours and aromas can suffuse out into your brew, lending it a distinctive character.

Here’s a short list of just a few popular hops and their characteristic descriptions – all of which can be enhanced with the use of HopFlower, a natural enzyme which helps to break your hops down more efficiently, squeezing out more precious goodness for your money.

Relax – Tobacco, cognac, barrique
Monroe – Blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry
Mandarina Bavaria – Grapefruit, orange, mandarin
Triskel – Butter, chocolate, vanilla
Mosaic – Banana, honeydew melon, peach
Summit – Vegetal, celery, leek
Hallertau – blanc pear, apple, white grape
Taurus – pepper, chili, curry
Herkules – grassy, tomato leaf, green pepper

If you’re interested in maximising specific hoppy flavours, ask for a spec sheet showing the whole list – and discover how HopFlower can boost the sensoric test profile (the taste and smell in %) of a dry hopped IPA from 55% to no less than 80%. You’ll never look back once you’ve tried HopFlower.