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Date posted 12th January 2018

Over the past few years, more and more breweries have been switching to Brausol P Special.

The silica-based clarification aid clearly gives results comparable to traditional finings – with the added benefits that it’s cheaper, has a longer shelf life and is vegetarian/vegan-friendly. No fishy ingredients.

Sunderland’s highly respected Brewlab Training and Analysis asked if they could put Brausol to the test, to see how it faired in a direct laboratory comparison against finings. And the test results were eye-opening, to say the least!

Over to Keith Thomas, director of Brewlab: “Non-gluten beers were selected for testing after primary fermentation when attenuation was complete and before primary settlement of yeast.”

“Initial settlement after 23 hours indicated a clear difference in OD with little difference between isinglass, auxillary and Brausol samples.”

“Brausol was comparable or better than isinglass or auxillary on the primary settlement at 70μl and 350μl doses.”

This is perfect for racking, kegging or bottling clarified beer. Brewlab did note that when the beer was unsettled in cask, traditional finings worked better on the resuspension.