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Date posted 28th February 2020

Chlorine tablets are now available from NicheSolutions. They’re an accurate way to produce a chlorine solution to a guaranteed minimum available level – every time.

A 3.5gm tablet dissolves rapidly in potable tap water to release 1,500ppm available chlorine per litre. Chlorine tablets are used extensively where broad spectrum biocidal activity is required cheaply and efficiently in the shortest time and with the minimum of operator training.

Guidelines for brewery soak baths

– Thoroughly clean items to be disinfected such as hoses, pipes, valves etc. and rinse in clean water.
– Drop the required number of tablets into warm water (40°C) in the soak bath to provide 75ppm – 150ppm available chlorine. e.g. 5-10 tablets in 100 litres water.
– Immerse all items completely in the chlorinated solution making sure they are completely covered.
– Leave immersed for a minimum of 15 minutes (Providing the items are thoroughly clean this is sufficient contact time for positive disinfection).
– Rinse off with fresh clean water and allow to air dry or use clean disposable towel.

NicheSolutions recommend that you check the available chlorine level from time to time using a simple, easy-to-use dropper test kit.