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Date posted 7th February 2018

NicheSolutions Brewery Essentials

On our customer rounds visiting over half of Britain’s 1800 breweries, we’ve heard of too many accidents caused by poor chemical handling practices and the cross-contamination of chemicals.

With your safety in mind, NicheSolutions are bringing out an innovative range of colour-coordinated dispensing accessories designed to avoid the scenario in the picture above – an accident waiting to happen – which may look familiar to a worrying number of brewers. We’re here to help you turn water into great beer… and also to avoid corrosive chemical burns and self-inflicted mustard gas attacks on your premises!

Running alongside our chemical training days, these simple and affordable colour-coordinated dispensing accessories will help you and your staff to adhere to safety data sheet guidelines. To warn of the dangers of using the same siphon pump for caustic and acid. To avoid dangerous spitting chemicals and gases.

Look out for our new colour-coded lids and stickers on products which match up to colour-coded siphons and chemical bunds, plus safety wear including gauntets, gloves, visors, glasses, masks and aprons.