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Date posted 15th October 2019

Enzybrew 10 is the all-in-one, eco-friendly cleaning product from Realzyme, available now from NicheSolutions. 

It’s an enzyme-based powdered detergent rather than a traditional caustic-based cleaning solution – and it provides an effective weapon against biofilms and brewery contamination.

“Wild yeast has the ability to form biofilms, and breweries can suffer from recurring infection,” explains Phil Nutt, microbiologist at WHC Lab in Co. Wicklow. “Diastaticus is the most common brewery contamination.”

“But we’ve found that Enzybrew can clean away biofilms and contamination. We recommend that brewers use it every fifth clean, in place of caustic, as part of their cleaning regime. This way it ends up as a reasonable cost expense, and brewers who have used it have been very happy with it.

“We’ve seen a significant improvement in brewery microbiology thanks to Enzybrew.”

Enzybrew is proving popular with brewers because it’s an eco-friendly, all-in-one detergent, cutting your costs as it works on biofilms as well as all the organic residues encountered during the production of beer.

— ENZYBREW 10 is ideal for the deep, safe cleaning of filter plates, wort cooler and maturation, boiling and fermentation tanks.
— As a natural, non-caustic detergent, it’s safe to use alongside other cleaning products such as those which contain chlorine.
— And because it works at much lower temperatures, it’s more energy efficient.

Click here to watch a video on the uses and benefits of ENZYBREW 10 – the new, natural detergent from Realzyme.

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