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Date posted 21st June 2019

Following on from the popular success of our premium, low-cost AY4, AY5 and Trent Fermo Ale Yeast, we recently launched Fermo Lager Yeast.

Once again, this is a premium yeast that represents excellent value for money, at only £34.00 per 500 gms. Tried and tested to the highest standards, Fermo Lager Yeast is very similar to W34/70 yeast, and is suitable for all your lager and pilsner beers. Here’s some feedback direct from our customers:

“It’s a brilliant yeast that gives a great clean taste to our lager,” says Justin at Oxford’s Tap Social. “I would recommend it to anyone!” 

“We use it in our award winning Redchurch Lager,” says Rachael, head of brewery ops at Redchurch Brewery in East London. “We’ve found it to be an excellent replacement for the S-189 yeast we were previously using, and it has allowed us to cut a significant amount of cost from the price of each brew.

“As Redchurch Lager is our best selling line, it has made a huge difference to the cost of production, allowing us to pass the low price point onto our customers while still maintaining fantastic quality.”

Why not give it a try? Join the countless brewers in the UK who are happily using our premium quality, low-cost yeasts.

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