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Date posted 9th March 2020

If you’re going to BeerX, why not drop by the NicheSolutions stand and play Spin The Wheel to win big prizes?

You might win a handy USB cask inspection torch, or a sample pack of any one of our branded and trademarked premium yeasts…

In recent months our premium, low-cost yeasts have been proving popular among brewers nationwide as price rises have seen traditional strains and popular brands of ale yeast hit new highs. Our premium quality AY4, AY5, Lager and Trent Fermo Ale yeasts are available at a fraction of the cost – and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

– Fermoyeast AY4 – best for your English ales
– Fermoyeast AY5 – best for your American-style beers
– Trent Fermo Ale yeast – best for your ales, porters and stouts – just ask for your free sample 500g pack!
– Tried and tested to the highest standards, Fermo Lager Yeast is very similar to W34/70 yeast, and is suitable for all your lager and pilsner beers.

The USB cask inspection torch does exactly what it promises – potentially saving time and money, helping you to supply a perfect pint every time by ensuring your casks are perfectly clean inside. NO BEERSTONE, NO SCALE, NO TRACE OF FLIES, EGGS OR RESIDUE.

Featuring two directional torch beams, handy USB charging and a rubberised magnetic body, the cask inspection torch enables you to check the previously unseen inner walls of any cask.

Simply insert the torch through the cask’s keystone hole, and switch between beams, using the shive hole to examine inside the cask.

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