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Date posted 5th January 2018

There’s nothing like a subtle twist of fruit flavour to excite a craft ale lover’s taste for the exotic. But, as you’ll know if you’ve ever produced a beer with a peach, pineapple or raspberry twist, fresh fruit and puree are expensive ingredients.

Fructozym P is a natural enzyme that helps to break down your fruit more efficiently, releasing more flavour and aroma. The name of the game is complete pectin degradation. Fructozym P avoids the waste and expense of throwing away kilogrammes of expensive fruit that’s only given up a small percentage of its potential goodness to your brew.

“Fructozym is a fantastic product,” says John, head brewer at the Wild Beer Co., whose brews flavoured with fruit such as local Somerset raspberries, figs, oranges and foraged fruits are proving extremely popular. “We use it in our Pogo pale ale, and it really speeds up pectin fallout and helps to bring out the flavours of passionfruit and guava – fruits which are high in pectin.”

Give it a go the next time you’re brewing a beer with a fruit twist. Just add Fructozym to the fermenter pre dry hopping and it’ll do the rest, improving the flavour of your brew and saving you money with dosages as low as 1 litre per 6000.