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Date posted 25th October 2017

If you’re thinking of adding a gluten-free brew to your range, there’s now an added bonus to using SE Brew Clear from NicheSolutions.

Not only can you open up one or all of your brews to the fast-expanding gluten-free market, making it possible for everyone to enjoy your beers.

We’ll also arrange for a sample of your brew to be officially tested by Synlab, so you will receive a certificate of international UKAS accreditation. This way, you can legally and confidently state on your bottles that the beer has passed the gluten-free test and is suitable for consumption by coeliacs and others with a gluten intolerance.

The really good bit is that we’ll provide your first test for free. A 330ml bottle is all that’s required. We’ll do the rest.

Just ask about this special service, which isn’t provided by any other brewing supplies company, when you order SE Brew Clear.