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Date posted 9th August 2018

NicheSolutions’ recycled cardboard can holders are 100% eco-friendly…

It’s such a simple, must-have development for the brewing industry, it seems incredible no one has had the idea before.

As part of their ongoing eco-drive, NicheSolutions are now producing the UK’s first completely eco-friendly 6- and 4-pack can holders, which fit both 500cl and 330cl cans. They’re made from 100% recycled material, and in turn the cardboard used is 100% biodegradable.

Whether you’re a brewer producing cans of beer or a consumer drinking them, it surely makes sense to stop using plastic can holders. Why add needlessly to the planet’s mounting plastic waste problem, and create a long-term threat to the environment, to birds and sealife?

Even beyond the problem of landfill sites and oceans filling up with plastic, the regular plastic 6-pack holders pose an extra hazard to birds and animals. That’s why many consumers now snip them with scissors before disposal.

They’re all problems that are easily and cheaply avoided thanks to NicheSolutions’ new Nc6 and Nc4 eco-friendly can holders.