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Date posted 24th July 2019

More and more breweries are adding gluten-free options to their range so that everyone can enjoy their great beers, including coeliacs and anyone who suffers from a gluten allergy.

In turn, demand for Protease Powder – our recommended gluten reduction agent and clarification aid – has been rapidly increasing.

Now we’re taking the next step to become your gluten-free one-stop shop, offering gluten testing with a fast five-day turnaround – at great prices. 

We’re working together with UCAS-accredited SynLab, the ultimate specialists who solely test gluten in the food and beverage industry.

As we’re able to send large batches for testing, we can pass on the savings to customers and so ensuring the best prices.

Gluten Testing     Total Price            Price per sample      
1 Sample               £78.00                   £78.00
2 Samples             £152.00                 £76.00
3 Samples             £148.50                 £49.50
4 Samples             £198.00                 £49.50
5 Samples             £247.50                 £49.50
6 Samples             £291.00                 £48.50
7 Samples             £339.50                 £48.50
8 Samples             £388.00                 £48.50
9 Samples             £436.50                 £48.50
10 Samples           £470.00                 £47.00

To call a product gluten free in the UK it must be below 20 ppm (parts per million). SynLab will test down below 10ppm, and you’ll get a certificate from them to confirm that your brew has passed.