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Date posted 7th June 2019

We are now collecting 20 and 30 litre KeyKegs, and returning them for recycling as part of the eco-friendly One Circle initiative. We will be separating the different materials (PET and HDPE plastics), compacting and baling them to be returned to Lightweight Containers, the manufacturer.

NicheSolutions and Lightweight Containers do not make any profit from the scheme. Our goal is to alleviate the problem disposing of large quantities of KeyKegs in an eco-friendly manner.

Our charges and collection criteria are in line with those of all contractors contributing to the One Circle initiative:

– For existing customers, collection and processing will be at a charge of £1.00 per KeyKeg. Minimum collection 36 kegs on a pallet and shrink wrapped. We will collect when we are in your area.

– For businesses that are not current customers of NicheSolutions (GB) Ltd, a charge of £1.40 per KeyKeg will be applied. Minimum collection of 36 kegs on a pallet and shrink wrapped. We will collect when we are in your area.

– For existing customers that require an additional uplift when we are not in the area, additional charges will apply.

– Collections are to be booked in via ordersniche@aol.com with exact quantities

– Date and time of collection will be confirmed via email

**It is essential that all kegs booked in for collection are empty. KeyKegs still containing any beer will not be collected. Kegs should be depressurised but not crushed.**

Should you require any further information regarding collections please contact us, and for further information please contact Natalie@keykeg.com