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Date posted 14th April 2021

NicheSolutions are working with two of the best labs in the UK for our Gluten testing and full chemical beer testing. Our lab services are 100 per cent reliable, competitively priced, and fast growing in popularity among breweries of all sizes.

Five Point Plan and Microbiological Analysis

Quality assurance is vital to the success of any brewery. Brewlab and Niche Solutions can assist small and large breweries to brew to specification more accurately and demonstrate they comply to essential regulatory declarations.

Brewlab’s analysis services provide assurance and development for breweries seeking to manage consistency and evaluate prospects for future products. Quality assurance is provided by our routine analyses of standard brewing parameters – alcohol by volume, specific gravities, colour, pH and bitterness – each of which provides critical data on brewing performance. This data can also flag any microbiological issues before they take full effect. Brewlab’s expert lab team can use the results to provide feedback and make recommendations.

Gluten Testing in Beer

Breweries are increasingly adding gluten-free options to their range so that everyone who requires a gluten free diet can consume their products.

Both SYNLAB and Niche Solutions can assist small and large breweries in meeting your free-from gluten claim. SYNLAB’s aim is to protect your process, secure your supply chain and safeguard your brand. SYNLAB is a unique, market-leading consultancy and analytical laboratory testing service that provides reassurance and security to the food and drink industry. SYNLAB’s dedicated technical team offer the recommended method for gluten analysis in beer to demonstrate that your product is gluten-free. SYNLAB’s UKAS accredited method is unique as it can quantify
peptide fragments from wheat, rye and barley.

For more information, just mention Niche lab services when you’re placing your next order, or give us a call any time. We’re here to help!