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Date posted 14th October 2020


Available now for just £24.00 plus VAT – that’s £6.00 off the current price at the leading DIY store chain.

The Hozelock Flexi Plus 30-metre 5/8″ / 15mm is a premium hose, perfect for all of your brewery needs.

And it’s exactly what’s required to make optimal use of the HydroFoamer (which comes complete with all the requisite hose fittings).

Time for a fresh start, with a new, hygienic, premium hose-pipe.

Why not add one to your next order? While stocks last…

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Date posted 14th October 2020


For the vital job of cleaning, rinsing and sanitising your brewery and kit, the HydroFoamer gun can help you achieve maximum performance from your cleaning products – saving you time, effort and money.

The HydroFoamer’s unique injection system automatically mixes the proper amount of concentrate with both air and water to produce a thick, rich foam for longer soak time. It’s far safer than other cleaning methods.

And coupled with our special-offer 30-metre hose, the HydroFoamer is completely portable, easy to use in every area of the brewery.

Here’s just one example of our positive customer feedback – this from Attic Brew Co.: “The HydroFoamer has made cleaning the outside of the vessels incredibly quick and easy, which is especially important for our taproom. The tanks come out spotless and it’s even good at lifting stubborn material from hard-to-clean areas such as around the feet.”

The HydroFoamer offers convenient control of where and how the solution is applied. On and off functions are at your fingertips, trigger-controlled on the spray nozzle. To rinse, the concentrate container is disconnected using an easy-to-operate quick coupler, designed to allow either a full-width spray or powerful jet stream while rinsing.

– The foamer is built with Hydro’s proven, reliable components; years of use in the field provide proof of durability
– It’s compact and easy to store
– Offers increased productivity
– Reduced exposure to concentrates enhances safety
– Non-electric, no installation required; simply fill the concentrate container and connect the dispenser to a water source

Ask about the HydroFoamer and our full range of foaming detergents when you’re placing your next order!

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Date posted 12th August 2020


NIcheSolutions are happy to announce that we are now partners of OneCircle, becoming official suppliers of filling machines for KeyKeg and UniKeg. 

Click here to see the full list of OneCircle partners and the complete range of official filling machines.

Having sold over 1,000 patented units in the UK and the Netherlands, our new partnership means there’s now potential for the clean, safe and efficient keg filler to sell to brewers right across the globe.

Featuring interchangeable keg fittings and an optional pump, single- or double-header keg-fillers make it easy for brewers to fill kegs.

No more balancing kegs on tables and chairs, risking wasteful spillage, Health & Safety issues and inefficient filling!

If you’re still struggling to fill kegs without the proper tool for the job, why not ask for a demonstration? Once you’ve seen the keg-filler in action, there’s no looking back! Entry-level keg-fillers are only £460; models with pumps are £705 and double-headed versions from £1,030.

Pic below: Yet another NicheSolutions patented Keykeg filling frame is installed – this one at Star Wing Brewery in Suffolk.

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Date posted 31st July 2020


Given the current threat of coronavirus, it’s vitally important to keep all surfaces free from viruses, germs and microbes.

Hygienic conditions are an imperative.

And nowhere is this urgent need for absolute cleanliness felt more strongly than in the brewing, food and beverage industries.

No More Germs is not only guaranteed to kill all bacteria on any surface, but also to carry on working for up to 28 days once applied. It is the sanitiser that keeps on working.

No More Germs underwent a 28-day challenge test in the USA and passed British and European Standards BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650, BS EN 13697 and BS EN 14476. Full specifications available on request.

No More Germs is in use at West Ham United Women, as part of the football club’s drive to maximise staff safety.

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Date posted 28th July 2020


NicheSolutions are proud to be playing our part in helping to stage the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Three of our 20-litre KeyKeg-fuelled sanitation stations are all set to be installed behind the scenes, helping to ensure the safety of those attending. 

The units, which eliminate the need for individual sanitisation bottles, are built of food-grade stainless steel and can each hold up to 8,000 shots of alcohol sanitising gel.

Of course, there will be no spectators at this year’s event; but a large amount of staff will still be present, and it is vital that they are given hygienic conditions to work in, and can feel safe behind the scenes.

The sanitation stations will be installed to serve the press room, pit staff, on-site medics and many other vital staff on site.

In addition to the three large units and their back-up KeyKegs, NicheSolutions have also provided no less than 50 smaller sanitation stations for the Grand Prix.

All of the units are not only hygienic and cost-effective but also eco-friendly, removing the need for individual sanitisation bottles, which are often not recyclable. A single large sanitisation station holds the equivalent of many hundreds of bottles.

Please click here to visit the NS Solutions website for more information.


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Date posted 28th July 2020


Despite record recent sales of the Nc6 six-pack can-holder, we’ve used our time over the past few months to produce a new, improved version.

The Nc6 remains a 100% recycled, biodegradable product – just one new, cost-effective way for eco-aware brewers to make a difference.

The Nc6 can be used with 500ml, 440ml or 330ml cans. But now its performance is even better…

– Nc6 can holders are the UK’s first 100% eco-friendly six-pack holders
– Made from 100% recycled wood pulp, which in turn is 100% biodegradable
– Earned the prestigious DIN CERTO certificate of compostability
– Stronger – As you can see, the thicker Nc6 now takes the full 3kg weight of six 500g cans with absolute ease, without so much as the slightest bend
 Clearer branding and recycle logo. It’s now clear to your customer that their can-holder is fully recyclable.
 And yet the price remains the same. Just 23p each (plus P&P) on a minimum order of 100.

Be sure and ask for a sample of the new, improved Nc6 eco-friendly can-holder the next time you place an order.

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Date posted 21st July 2020


A new non-touch sanitation station donated by sponsors NicheSolutions has been installed at the training ground of West Ham United Women. Please click here to visit the NS Solutions website for more information.

The unit, which eliminates the need for individual sanitisation bottles, is built of food-grade stainless steel and can hold up to 8,000 shots of alcohol sanitising gel, which is supplied from a 20-litre KeyKeg. The front has been engraved with the Hammers’ crest, which celebrates the Club’s 125 years.

WHUW Managing Director Jack Sullivan has thanked NicheSolutions Managing Director Paul Calcott for his donation. He said: “The most important thing is that we want to make sure everyone feels safe when they come to our training ground or our matches. That goes for players, staff, coaches, and supporters alike.

“Just as important is how this equipment removes the need for individual sanitisation bottles, which are often not recyclable. This stand removes the need for small individual packaging, keeping everyone safe and sanitised in an environmentally friendly manner.”

Having provided West Ham United with smaller sanitisation units for use across the Club’s training ground and stadiums earlier this year, Paul Calcott was delighted to launch the new stand with the women’s team at Chadwell Heath.

He said: “Previously, we had an alcohol sanitisation stand that we launched at the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, which utilised a 750ml tank, but was only really viable for use by between 20-30 people before running out of sanitisation gel.”

With the sanitisation station holding the equivalent of 10,000 mini-bottles, OneCircle’s (the producer of KeyKeg and UniKeg) Natalie Maestri believes the environmentally friendly aspect of the unit is an added incentive.

She said: “Replacing with circular bulk packaging is so crucially important because, with more and more people rightly conscious of their hygiene, we’re seeing this packaging disposed of in the wrong manner.”

Click here to visit West Ham United Women’s website for more info.

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Date posted 16th June 2020


Amid the widespread brewery slowdown and the temporary closure of many of our customers’ businesses, here’s one piece of good news which augurs well for the breweries’ big comeback…

Since the beginning of the year, no less than 28 breweries have ordered quantities of our eco-friendly Nc6 can-holders – a record for the recycled, biodegradable product.

And this number is in addition to the early adopters we reported last year, which included Tyne Bank BreweryHammerton BreweryDeviant & DandyPurity Brewing and Brixton Brewery And there’s yet more breweries set to join the movement this year.

– Nc6 can holders are UK’s first 100% eco-friendly six-pack holders are made from 100% recycled wood pulp, which in turn is 100% biodegradable
– They have earned the prestigious DIN CERTO certificate of compostability
– Nc6 can holders are just one new, cost-effective way to make a difference.

Ask about the can holders when you’re placing your next order!

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Date posted 12th June 2020


Whether you’re at work, at home or on the move, it isn’t always possible to have access to soap and water, to a bottle of hand sanitiser or one of Niche’s new sanitiser stations.

With a handy antibacterial packet of wipes in your pocket, you can protect against the threat of bacteria wherever you go, whatever you need to touch.

They’re the perfect portable solution for your staff in the brewing industry – or for any other environment where hygiene is of absolute importance.

Proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria, including coronavirus.

Handy packets of 15 antibacterial wipes only cost £2.00 per pouch, or £36.00 per box of 20.

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Date posted 22nd May 2020


It’s great news that our brand new sanitiser stations are now in stock, with 500 units en route to our first wave of customers, which includes West Ham United FC. And here’s one of the very first stands to be installed – at Your Move estate agents in Kettering and Wellingborough.

Whether we’re at work, in a public space or using public transport, we all now know how important it is to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene. To keep our hands clean at all times – to avoid picking up or passing on any potentially harmful virus or bacteria.

The launch of our practical and convenient dispenser for our hand sanitiser range helps you make sure your employees, visitors and members of the public have the ability to keep their hands perfectly clean, for everyone’s benefit.

The units feature an infra-red sensor which triggers delivery of 1ml of sanitiser – and a 1L tank of sanitiser sufficient for 1000 portions.

West Ham United FC have purchased 20 units, together with supplies of hand sanitiser. This will help the club safeguard its staff at the London Stadium, at the Rush Green training ground and Stadium.

STOP PRESS: NicheSolutions are also working with One Circle to produce a larger sanitiser stand fuelled by a 20L KeyKeg, housed in a stainless steel station suitable for outdoor use. The design of the station is shown below, with a targeted national launch date of 1 July.

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