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Date posted 3rd February 2020

Last week we received the great news that our ever-popular keg-filling frame has been approved by OneCircle, who will shortly be adding the ultimate handy brewery accessory to their own website. 

Having sold over 900 patented units in the UK and the Netherlands, the thumbs-up means there’s now potential for the clean, safe and efficient keg filler to sell to brewers right across the globe.

Featuring interchangeable keg fittings and an optional pump, single- or double-header keg-fillers make it easy for brewers to fill kegs.

No more balancing kegs on tables and chairs, risking wasteful spillage, Health & Safety issues and inefficient filling!

If you’re still struggling to fill kegs without the proper tool for the job, why not ask for a demonstration? Once you’ve seen the keg-filler in action, there’s no looking back! 

Entry-level keg-fillers are only £460; models with pumps are £705 and double-headed versions from £1,030.