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Date posted 24th December 2019

We’re happy to announce that the first major target for our 100% eco-friendly Nc6 can holders has been reached, with over 30,000 units sold as part of NicheSolutions’ industry-wide drive for environmental sustainability.

It’s great to report that Tyne Bank Brewery recently joined the groundbreaking Hammerton BreweryDeviant & Dandy, Purity Brewing and Brixton Brewery in taking up the recycled, fully biodegradable can holders. And yet more breweries are set to join the movement in the New Year.

As announced in the SIBA Journal back in spring, the can holders are just one part of NicheSolutions’ drive for environmental sustainability in the brewing and beverage industry. We’re promoting new ways to do business by investing in innovative, energy-efficient projects with low impact on the environment.

Our Nc6 can holders are just one new, cost-effective way for brewers to make a difference. 

– They’re UK’s first 100% eco-friendly six-pack holders are made from 100% recycled wood pulp, which in turn is 100% biodegradable
– They have earned the prestigious DIN CERTO certificate of compostability
– Why add needlessly to the planet’s mounting plastic waste problem, and create a long-term threat to the environment, to birds and sealife?
– Even beyond the problem of landfill sites and oceans filling up with plastic, the old-fashioned plastic 6-pack holders pose an extra hazard to birds and animals. That’s why many consumers now snip them with scissors before disposal

NicheSolutions’ Nc6 six-pack can holders fit 330cl, 440cl and 500cl cans, and are priced at only 23p each. Ask about the can holders when you’re placing your next order!