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Date posted 31st October 2019

In a move that will satisfy demand from many brewers, NicheSolutions now supply UniKegs as well as KeyKegs.

Designed and produced by Lightweight Containers, UniKegs are distinct from their sister products in that they are slightly cheaper and so potentially more cost effective.

Unlike KeyKegs, they do not feature an internal bag, so CO2 gas comes into contact with the contents of the keg. This can make them a superior choice for carbonated drinks, such as cider. UniKegs come in two sizes, 20 and 30 litres.

The advantages of the UniKeg include:
– Lower cost
– Double wall: safe and solid
– Conventional fittings – come with a regular Sankey fitting
– Recyclable, using the same collection process as KeyKegs
– Lightweight and ergonomic
– Wide range of branding options, just the same as KeyKegs

Ask about UniKegs when you’re making your next order!