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Date posted 4th September 2015

Nichesolutions(GB) are receiving calls from brewers every month who have discovered the presence of beerstone in FVs and CTs.
Beerstone can be a breeding ground for recognised beer spoilage organisms such as lactic acid bacteria and pediococci.
These can and do appear in all stages of brewing from wort until the finished beer.
Beerstone is a very complex organic/inorganic structure and is caused by one or a contribution of:-
1) Wrong chemical detergent formulation.
2) Physico – chemical properties of the brewing liquor.
3) detergent being used too dilute.
Nichesolution strongly advise brewers who have the presence of beerstone to take the following immediate action.

1) Introduce an effective de-scaling programme.
2) Install a regular cleaning programme that will prevent
further build up of beerstone.
3) Make sure that detergents are being used at the optimum
dilution for satisfactory cleaning performance.
4) Provide a robust hygiene management system for training
new operatives in effective cleaning preceedures.
5) Check detergent strengths on a weekly basis to ensure at the
correct dilution.
To assist brewers to tackle beerstone issues and put in place
a preventative maintenance programme, Nichesolutions have recently launched a range of dropper style test kits that are accurate,robust and contain no glass components so can be used anywhere in the brewery.
Each self contained kit is housed in its own rugged case and comes complete with titration bottle, reagents and easy to follow waterproof intruction manual. Each drop test kit or replacement reagent pack includes reagents necessary to perform between 100 and 200 tests.
The test kit illustrated here is a 4 in 1 pack that can test the following:-
*Caustic detergents 0.025 – 6% NaOH
*Free chlorine,range 0-300ppm
*Acid detergents,0-10%
* Paracetic acid ,range 10-6000ppm
The other advantages of regular detergent strength monitoring
is that it can be a useful tool for satisfying accreditation bodies such as SALSA.For further information or to arrange a demonstration please call 01604 879831