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Date posted 19th March 2020

With supplies of hand sanitiser and antibacterial soap running low nationwide, you can rely on NicheSolutions to keep up our usual availabIlity of these vital products – at the right price.

Non alcohol foaming hand sanitiser 600ml – minimum order 40 (2×20) bottles
Non alcohol foaming hand sanitiser 5L – minimum order 4x bottles
Antibacterial Hand Soap 5L – minimum order 4x bottles

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Both products adhere to European standards applying to products that are used in the medical area in the fields of hygienic handrub, hygienic handwash, surgical handrub, surgical handwash, instrument
disinfection by immersion, and surface disinfection by wiping, spraying, flooding or other means.
This European Standard applies to areas and situations where disinfection or antisepsis is medically indicated. Such indications occur in patient care, for example:
– in hospitals, in community medical facilities and in dental institutions;
– in clinics of schools, of kindergartens and of nursing homes; and may occur in the workplace and in the home. It may also include services such as laundries and kitchens supplying products directly for the patients.