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Date posted 23rd August 2019

On last week’s trip to the Netherlands, we visited Bioseutica – a Dutch company who have expanded internationally – and gained exclusive rights on an exciting new product for the UK market – coming soon from NicheSolutions.

Entirely natural, LYSOBIER® is best used as a prevention rather than a cure for some all-too-common problems in the brewery: LAB spoilage and beer haze. It also works to protect your beer yeast, improves foam quality and extends shelf life into the bargain.

Why not safeguard your brewery against the loss of whole brews due to invisible spoilage bacteria that arrive with ingredients? Avoid the risk of yeast contamination and improve the stability of your beers. By prolonging the shelf life of bottled beer, you can expand its commercial opportunities.

LYSOBIER® – features and benefits at a glance…

— Protects against lactic acid bacteria (LAB) spoilage incidents
LYSOBIER® kills LAB which come in with the natural raw materials, and which can spoil beer if left unchecked
— Decontaminates the brewing yeast
LYSOBIER® allows the natural (acid-free) washing of the yeast. During washing it protects the organoleptic quality of yeast
— Stabilises beer foam and enhances taste and aroma
LYSOBIER® improves taste and aroma and stabilizes the beer foam
— Prevents beer haze, ropiness and off-flavour in craft beers
LYSOBIER® is the best prevention against ropiness, beer haze and off-flavour incidents
— Extends the shelf life of bottled craft beers
LYSOBIER® helps to extend your beers’ shelf life by prolonging the stability of unpasteurised, IPA and special craft beers
Please note, this product is not vegan and does not work on wild yeast spores.

Ask about LYSOBIER® when you’re placing you rnext order, or give us a call any time. More details can be found at lysobier.com.