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Date posted 28th July 2020

NicheSolutions are proud to be playing our part in helping to stage the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Three of our 20-litre KeyKeg-fuelled sanitation stations are all set to be installed behind the scenes, helping to ensure the safety of those attending. 

The units, which eliminate the need for individual sanitisation bottles, are built of food-grade stainless steel and can each hold up to 8,000 shots of alcohol sanitising gel.

Of course, there will be no spectators at this year’s event; but a large amount of staff will still be present, and it is vital that they are given hygienic conditions to work in, and can feel safe behind the scenes.

The sanitation stations will be installed to serve the press room, pit staff, on-site medics and many other vital staff on site.

In addition to the three large units and their back-up KeyKegs, NicheSolutions have also provided no less than 50 smaller sanitation stations for the Grand Prix.

All of the units are not only hygienic and cost-effective but also eco-friendly, removing the need for individual sanitisation bottles, which are often not recyclable. A single large sanitisation station holds the equivalent of many hundreds of bottles.

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