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Date posted 27th February 2019

If you’re going to BeerX, why not drop by the NicheSolutions stand (53 & 54) and ask for a free sample of our newly branded and trademarked premium yeast?

In recent months our premium, low-cost yeasts have been proving popular among brewers nationwide as price rises have seen traditional strains and popular brands of ale yeast hit new highs – anywhere between £40 and £60 per 500g.

Meanwhile our premium quality AY4, AY5 and Trent Fermo Ale yeasts are only £27 for 500g – and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

— Fermoyeast AY4 – best for your English ales
— Fermoyeast AY5 – best for your American-style beers
— Trent Fermo Ale yeast – best for your ales, porters and stouts – just ask for your free sample 500g pack!

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