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Date posted 15th January 2020

“The HydroFoamer has made cleaning the outside of the vessels incredibly quick and easy, which is especially important for our taproom. The tanks come out spotless and is even good at lifting stubborn material from hard to clean areas such as around the feet.” – Attic Brew Co.

For the vital job of cleaning, rinsing and sanitising your brewery and kit, the HydroFoamer gun can help you achieve maximum performance from your cleaning products – saving you time, effort and money.

The HydroFoamer’s unique injection system automatically mixes the proper amount of concentrate with both air and water to produce a thick, rich foam for longer soak time. And it’s far safer than other cleaning methods.

The HydroFoamer offers convenient control of where and how the solution is applied. On and off functions are at your fingertips, trigger-controlled on the spray nozzle. To rinse, the concentrate container is disconnected using an easy-to-operate quick coupler, designed to allow either a full-width spray or powerful jet stream while rinsing.

– The foamer is built with Hydro’s proven, reliable components; years of use in the field provide proof of durability
– It’s compact and easy to store
– Offers increased productivity
– Reduced exposure to concentrates enhances safety
– Non-electric, no installation required; simply fill the concentrate container and connect the dispenser to a water source

Ask about the HydroFoamer and our full range of foaming detergents when you’re placing your next order!