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Date posted 6th February 2018

Great feedback keeps rolling in for our top-quality AY4 and AY5 yeast, available at just £26 for 500g instead of the £40-plus often asked for traditional strains and popular brands.

“We gave the 05 yeast a go from the sample the NicheSolutions rep brought,” reported Adrian at Wishbone Brewery in Keighley, Yorkshire. “Couldn’t tell the difference!”

If you’re still paying sky-high prices, why not give our AY4 and AY5 Fermoyeast a try for free?

Les at Liverpool’s Neptune Brewery gave AY4 and AY5 the thumbs-up for use in stouts and IPAs. “I did like-for-like trials with my existing yeast and found there was no difference, AY4 and AY5 ferments the same amount of time and has the same characteristics in taste and aromas.”

And Lee at Brew York Brewery already uses AY4 and AY5 on his full range of beers. “I’ve found no difference in the AY4 AY5 to the yeast that I was using before. They pitch at the same temperatures and the esters are the same.”

If you’d like to put it to the test, just ask for a free sample next time you’re putting in an order.