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Date posted 28th September 2017

Situated on Bermondsey’s Beer Mile, UBREW is a brewery with a difference – they let you brew the beer. If you’re within staggering distance of London, their memberships are a brilliant deal. The idea is, you go along with your mates to the open brewery and brew up your perfect keg of beer, with the help of the expert brewers on site.

For every brew, you and your friends take your pick of ingredients from the brew shop, get all creative and steamy and walk away with 80 bottles of professional quality craft beer. Click here to find out about memberships, team awaydays, sampling other people’s ales, UBREW’s own craft beers and the fantastic brewery taproom.

UBREW get all their KeyKegs from NicheSolutions, and you can too. If you take to brewing like a duck to craft ale, we can fit you up with all the essentials you need to start your own very own microbrewery: hygiene products, yeast, KeyKeg filling machines, processing and clarification aids. There are currently 1800 breweries in the UK, and we supply 940 of them.