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Date posted 19th October 2017

Over the past decade, the proliferation of hundreds of new breweries crafting new and exciting beers has been great news for vegetarians and vegans. The use of fish-based products in traditional finings previously compromised many drinkers, and prevented some from enjoying a perfect pint.

The solution is simple. Why not use NicheSolutions’ Brausol P Special as an alternative to traditional finings, and add a vegan beer to your range?

The Wimbledon Brewery are users of Brausol P in the production of vegan beers and keg beers. Brewer Charlie Long said: “We are really happy with Brausol P Special. It is being used for our vegan beers and keg beers.”

Based in Ashford, Kent, G2 Brewing have gone one step further, and now use Brausol P Special on every brew, producing a whole range of beers which everyone can enjoy.

Head brewer Ollie said: ”We use Brausol P Special in every brew and get really good results.” They worked on the dosing rates together with Volker Muller, Master Brewer at Erbsloh, which was a great help. “Now we have great clarity and a really good taste.”