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Date posted 18th October 2017

There’s a steadily growing market for gluten-free beer, which allows everyone with an allergy or intolerance to wheat products to enjoy a perfect pint of craft ale.

Many breweries are adding gluten-free options to their range – not just to satisfy the demands of this small group of beer lovers, but also because it’s easy to remove gluten while you’re clarifying your brew.

SE Brew Clear from NicheSolutions is so effective at clarifying beer without affecting its flavour or aroma, it can simply be the most efficient and cost-effective product to use – offering greatly reduced gluten content as an added extra benefit.

“All our beers are brewed using SE Brew Clear,” says Roland, owner of the Essex-based Brentwood Brewery, “which not only makes them gluten-free but helps on clarification, making them very clear.”

The brewery’s new labels are already in production, drawing attention to this strong extra selling point in the gluten-free market.

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