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Manufacturing hygiene products for the food, beverage, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

AY4® - AY5® - TRENT® - LAGER®

Manufacturing hygiene products for the food, beverage, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Food & Beverage

Supplying essential detergents and sanitisers suitable for use in any situation where anti-bacterial activity is required. Helping you to safeguard quality and save money.

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Hospitality & Cleaning

A full range of competitively priced cleaning products for internal and external use. Our product, your brand.

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Health & Hygiene

Specialist infection control products for hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, dental practices, animal husbandry and more.

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To get in touch with our team please contact us on 01604 879 831 or email: nichesolutions1@gmail.com.

Alternatively our postal address is: Unit 5, Milton Trading Estate, Gayton Road, Northampton NN7 3AB


Is there a container charge or a deposit?

No, we do not charge for containers. We collect and recycle containers on a regular basis.

Latest News


Here’s yet another NicheSolutions patented Keykeg filling frame being installed – this latest at Star Wing Brewery in Suffolk.

Brewery owners Adam and David were pleased as punch with our Paul’s demonstration. No more balancing kegs on tables and chairs, risking wasteful spillage, Health & Safety issues and inefficient filling!

We’ve now sold over 900 keg filler units in the UK and the Netherlands, and are now looking forward to fulfilling the potential for the clean, safe and efficient keg filler to sell to brewers right across the globe.

If you’re still struggling to fill kegs without the proper tool for the job, why not ask for a demonstration? Once you’ve seen the keg-filler in action, there’s no looking back! 

Featuring interchangeable keg fittings and an optional pump, single- or double-header keg-fillers make it easy for brewers to fill kegs. Why not email ordersniche@aol.com for a quote?


There was great news last week on the food & beverage industry’s ongoing fight for environmental sustainability, as Tesco announced its stores are to ditch 67 million pieces of plastic from multipack cans, eliminating 350 tonnes of plastic from the environment. 

While neither NicheSolutions nor any of our brewery customers are quite on the scale of the supermarket giant, we’re still determined to promote new ways to do business by investing in innovative, energy-efficient projects with low impact on the environment.

It’s great to report that so many breweries have chosen to ditch plastic can holders and adopt our eco-friendly Nc6 can holders – just one new, cost-effective way to make a difference. Tyne Bank Brewery recently joined the groundbreaking Hammerton BreweryDeviant & DandyPurity Brewing and Brixton Brewery in taking up the recycled, fully biodegradable can holders – with yet more breweries set to join the movement this year.

– Nc6 can holders are UK’s first 100% eco-friendly six-pack holders are made from 100% recycled wood pulp, which in turn is 100% biodegradable
– They have earned the prestigious DIN CERTO certificate of compostability
– Even beyond the problem of landfill sites and oceans filling up with plastic, the old-fashioned plastic 6-pack holders pose an extra hazard to birds and animals. That’s why many consumers now snip them with scissors before disposal

Whether you’re a brewer producing cans of beer or a consumer drinking them, it surely makes sense to stop using plastic can holders. Why add to the planet’s mounting plastic waste problem?

NicheSolutions’ Nc6 six-pack can holders fit 330cl, 440cl and 500cl cans, and are priced at 23p each. Ask about the can holders when you’re placing your next order!