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Manufacturing hygiene products for the food, beverage, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Manufacturing hygiene products for the food, beverage, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Manufacturing hygiene products for the food, beverage, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Food & Beverage

Supplying essential detergents and sanitisers suitable for use in any situation where anti-bacterial activity is required. Helping you to safeguard quality and save money.

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Hospitality & Cleaning

A full range of competitively priced cleaning products for internal and external use. Our product, your brand.

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Health & Hygiene

Specialist infection control products for hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, dental practices, animal husbandry and more.

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To get in touch with our team please contact us on 01604 879 831 or email: nichesolutions@aol.com.

Alternatively our postal address is: Unit 5, Milton Trading Estate, Gayton Road, Northampton NN7 3AB


Is there a container charge or a deposit?

No, we do not charge for containers. We collect and recycle containers on a regular basis.

Latest News


Are you still paying sky-high prices for traditional strains and popular brands of ale yeast, which can often demand in excess of £40 per 500g?

Why not give our high-quality, low-cost AY4 and AY5 Fermoyeast a try? It’s just £26 for 500g, and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

We asked a couple of our regular customers what they thought of AY4 and AY5.

Les at Liverpool’s Neptune Brewery gave AY4 and AY5 the thumbs-up for use in stouts and IPAs. “I did like-for-like trials with my existing yeast and found there was no difference, AY4 and AY5 ferments the same amount of time and has the same characteristics in taste and aromas.”

And Lee at Brew York Brewery already uses AY4 and AY5 on his full range of beers. “I’ve found no difference in the AY4 AY5 to the yeast that I was using before. They pitch at the same temperatures and the esters are the same.”

If you’d like to put it to the test, just ask for a free sample next time you’re putting in an order.


In the pre-Christmas period, many breweries are approaching full capacity as demand for great beer increases across the board.

Vitamin Yeast Aid is another innovative brewing aid from NicheSolutions, enabling to increase your production capacity without adding expensive brewing kit only needed for short-term peaks.

Using this natural, highly efficient combination of vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to cut your brew times by at least 20 per cent – so a four-day brew should be reduced to a three-day brew, saving you time and money.

Our feedback from Shane at Cheshire Brew House microbrewery in Congleton was even better than expected. “It’s really good stuff and works well,” he reported back. “I skim it in with my yeast and it not only starts fermenting quicker, but cuts fermentation down from four or five days to 36 hours!”

Check out Vitamin Yeast Aid in the Yeasts section of the NicheSolutions store.