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Manufacturing hygiene products for the food, beverage, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Manufacturing hygiene products for the food, beverage, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Manufacturing hygiene products for the food, beverage, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Food & Beverage

Supplying essential detergents and sanitisers suitable for use in any situation where anti-bacterial activity is required. Helping you to safeguard quality and save money.

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Hospitality & Cleaning

A full range of competitively priced cleaning products for internal and external use. Our product, your brand.

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Health & Hygiene

Specialist infection control products for hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, dental practices, animal husbandry and more.

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To get in touch with our team please contact us on 01604 879 831 or email: nichesolutions@aol.com.

Alternatively our postal address is: Unit 5, Milton Trading Estate, Gayton Road, Northampton NN7 3AB


Is there a container charge or a deposit?

No, we do not charge for containers. We collect and recycle containers on a regular basis.

Latest News


Coming soon – NicheSolutions’ new range of colour-coded dispensing accessories, many of which appear on the safety sheet guidelines for our cleaning chemicals.

Last week we showed you how not to do it, with caustic and acid containers jumbled together with shared siphons.

Now here’s a sneak peek into the near future, when different classes of potentially hazardous chemicals will be neatly coded for use with siphons tagged the same colour.

Look out for our new colour-coded lids and stickers on products which match up to colour-coded siphons and chemical bunds, plus safety wear including gauntets, gloves, visors, glasses, masks and aprons.

Play it safe, and top up your next order with these low-cost essentials.




Brewed using our premium AY4 yeast, Anglian is a dark ale from Three Hills Brewing in Northamptonshire.

Andrew the head brewer and owner is on a quest to uncover the perfect beer style to suit the local Anglian water profile. The mineral and sulphate rich water of the region lends itself to a dark, hoppy style with bags of character. The Three Hills Anglian Dark Ale collection traverses the style boundaries between a black IPA, hoppy porter and an aggressively hopped stout. Dangerously dark and delicious.

Heidrun is a wonderful 5% ABV pale ale named after a mythical Norse goat with a special ability: marvellously, beer flowed from her magical teat! Three Hills’ Heidrun Pale Ale series will showcase a unique combination of new world hops balanced by a solid malt body and premium AY5 yeast.

For the chance to win an exclusive Three Hills T-shirt, just click here to visit the NicheSolutions Twitter page!